Personnel and labour

Personnel and labour

Working together means making agreements together and sometimes letting go together.


The success of your business depends in large part on your employees. In order for the cooperation with your employees to be enjoyable and fruitful, it is wise to make good working arrangements. A carefully thought-out staffing policy in terms of hiring, retaining and firing staff is also essential. Protecting sensitive business information is also increasingly important in this regard.

A good staffing policy ensures a pleasant atmosphere on the shop floor, increases work productivity and prevents (unnecessary) costs and irritations.
We would be happy to assist you in shaping that personnel policy.

Employees also have an interest in a pleasant working relationship with the employer. One aspect that contributes to this is when clear agreements are made, and both parties know their rights and obligations. Even if the employer and employee disagree on occasion, an appropriate solution must be sought.

Our firm has highly specialised knowledge in the field of employment law and can assist you with aspects such as:

  • drafting and reviewing employment contracts and management agreements
  • drafting and advising on nonsolicitation and noncompetition clauses
  • protecting trade secrets
  • reorganisations and social plans
  • dismissal procedures before the court and at UWV Werkbedrijf
  • reintegration routes
  • advising the entrepreneur and the works council on employee participation
  • collective bargaining agreement negotiations