Companies and their directors

Is your legal structure in good shape in terms of your personal liability?


An entrepreneur never sits still, and as a company director you will always be coming up against legal issues. Issues that may arise as a result of growth and investment, due to an acquisition or a transfer between family members. Or even painful issues in the event of a major economic downturn.

And that means that you will always be sitting at the table with different parties. For example, with shareholders who want to coordinate the company’s policy, or with banks to obtain credit for expansion. Or with suppliers to talk about the terms of delivery. And of course, also with clients to negotiate the terms of new orders.

These are just a few of the situations you may face as a director. We are ready and willing to assist you in such situations, with our extensive experience as entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, we know the questions and problems you may face. We support company directors with our legal knowledge and personal experience in areas such as:

  • Establishing new businesses
  • Structuring joint ventures
  • Governance issues
  • (Re)structuring of businesses
  • Drawing up shareholder agreements
  • Purchase and sale of assets or shares
  • Liability of directors, supervisory directors and shareholders
  • Differences of opinion between shareholders and directors
  • Discussions with suppliers, customers, banks and the tax authorities
  • Collecting receivables and fines and fending off claims