Liability and insurance

Liability and insurance

Damage, but who is liable? And what does the small print in your policy say?


The willingness to bear one’s own losses is getting smaller. As a result, companies, manufacturers, service providers, directors and supervisory directors are increasingly being held liable. But are those claims for liability justified?

In response to this claim culture, more and more liability insurance policies are being taken out. However, the insurance policies offered often do not (sufficiently) cover the risks that a company faces. Or the insurer refuses to pay the claim under the policy terms. Is the insurer or broker to blame for the lack of insurance coverage? Has the insurer rightly or wrongly refused to pay the claim?

Westphal Johansen Advocaten are happy to assist you in answering these and other questions in the areas of liability and insurance.

  • evaluation of policies
  • claims for liability
  • defending against claims
  • litigating against insurers